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Farewell and Welcome

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After a couple years collaborating with the project, Andrés has decided to leave the team. We thank his valuable help, and we hope that good winds blow for him in his new experience. On the the other hand, a new guy is on our crew, his name is Alan and it's been with us many months ago, although not officially. You can find details here. Good luck, Alan.
Last Updated on Sunday, 14 February 2010 09:10

New SVN branch for documents

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Now documentation is in SVN repository, join us participating with articles, manuals, technical guides or books. Find the new branch on:
Last Updated on Monday, 13 April 2009 23:33

And now, forums

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Three categories have been enabled so you can post your ideas, complains and tips. Check here.

Portscan-AI completely ported

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Portscan-AI (the only AI-preprocessor 100% functional so far) works now for the last version of Snort(TM), Install instructions can be found here. This is the first milestone on the roadmap that has been reached. Now we have to document a lot, so developers can find a comprehensive guide to program stuff for the new Snort (not only AI-based preprocessors). I must say that it was much of a problem to port it, since the old instructions are still valid.

Take into account that etc/snort.conf file had been edited to load only necessary stuff for Snort-AI to work. If you need dynamic preprocessors or anything like that, please add what you consider necessary and refer to its own documentation for more details. Running options are exactly the same as if you were running standard Snort distribution.

License: GPL v2

IDE: Kdevelop 3.5.9 (there's a project file included)

Sources: svn co

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2009 15:45

Wiki has been enabled

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A brand new wiki has been enabled, please check here. We will move progressively all docs there, by now, you can only find documentation about Snort-AI Web Console.

For those out there wondering "what the heck are they doing? we need code!",here is an update. I'm working on a new web console, not only suitable to supportportscan-spp, but any other "analyzer", using a plugin system. This is a screenshot:


It doesn't show too much, but the acual changes have been performed beneath. It's not functional yet, but testing code is under branch/sai-pm svn branch. sai-pm means "Snort-AI Plugin Manager".

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 15:13
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